Beginner's Quick Camping Guide

Beginner's Quick Camping Guide

If you are new to camping, this guide will direct you to all the knowledge you need to know: from purchasing your camping gear, to all things you need to take, and to have a successful first trip away.


What are the Different Forms of Camping?

Before you purchase anything for your first camping trip, it’s obviously much wiser to think about which form/type of camping you want to go.

We usually see below types of camping:

  • Campsite camping
  • Festival camping
  • Wild camping
  • Backpacking
  • Adventure camping
  • Winter camping
  • Car, Off-Road & RV Camping
  • Glamping

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What Size Tent will You Need?

When preparing for a camping trip, the first thing you have to do is, of course, choosing a tent that is suitable for your outdoor activity.

Ask yourself 4 questions:

  • How many people are camping?
  • How much camping gear/kit are you taking?
  • How many bedrooms do you need (for larger groups)?
  • Does your chosen campsite have any size limitations?

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What do You Need to Take?

Having the necessary supplies is essential for any outdoor activities, especially for camping. At least we can make several checklists:

  • Tent Checklist
  • Sleeping Checklist
  • Campsite Checklist
  • Camping Kitchen Checklist
  • Health & Safety Checklist

You can take this article ( Camping Checklist: What Do You Need to Take ) as a starting point and work out what gear is relevant to your particular trip.

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