5 Easy Ways to Get Clean Drinking Water While Camping

5 Easy Ways to Get Clean Drinking Water While Camping

It is important that the water you drink is clean and free from bacteria or other contaminants as much as possible.

When we go out camping, we usually try our best to take less things in case our packages are too much or too heavy for us to carry. So we don’t usually take too much water with us as we can also get clean drinking water while we are camping.

The bellowing methods will show you how to get clean drinking water with simply tools.


1. Use A Outdoor Water Filter or purifier

Using a outdoor water filter or purifier may be the easiest and fastest way to get clean drinking water in the wilderness. It is a device used for small scale quality important improvement.

A outdoor water filter is small and portable. It removes impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. It provides nontoxic and tasteless water without impurities. You can drink directly without boiling the water. It is very useful and convenient.


2. Boil the Water

This is extremely effective to kill pathogens. You should let the water boil for at least one minute. You don’t need additional filtration if you have already boiling the water.

It is the high temperature that responsible for killing bacteria and viruses. Therefore, at high elevations, remember to boil the water for at least three minutes since the water will boil at a lower temperature in the thin air. We need to make sure the temperature is high enough to kill bacteria and viruses.


3. Use Water Purification Tablets

Effervescent water purifying tablets are ideal for easy packing and take up little room.

A single tablet will purify 5 gallons or 25 liters of water. On the basis that an adult will consume around 2 – 3 liters a day, a couple of packs of tablets will last for well over a week’s trip.

Specific water purification tablets, such as chlorine water purification are ideal if you have a specific need. Strong tablets can treat around 70 liters of water, perfect for long distance trips and for all those odd jobs, such as cleaning your teeth and preparing food.


4. Use UV light treatment

UV light treatment is also useful for water purification.Ultraviolet light lamps can kill bacteria and viruses, but only if the water is clear and the light is applied for long enough. Different UV lamps or light pens have different intensities, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


5. Use the Sun

But what if there is no fire, no UV light treatment or any tools to make a purifying system? Actually, you can still use the sun.

The UV radiation given off by the sun can kill bacteria and parasites in the water. However, it is not enough to make water drinkable. You still need filter and boil or treat your water.

1. Fill a clear plastic bottle with water and remove the label.

2. Let the water sit in the sun for at least six to eight hours on a 100% sunny day, and 24-48 hours on cloudy days. The UV rays will kill the microorganisms, leaving the water safe to drink.


Hope these tips can help you in case you are in need!

Enjoy the camping!

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