15 Reasons Why You should Start Camping

15 Reasons Why You should Start Camping

It is no doubt that everyone needs a little motivation to get outside off daily lives in cities. Outdoor camping is a good choice. But camping is not just spending time in the wild. The process of finding campground, organizing and packing your gear can sometime stop even a hardcore campers from venturing out.

Still there are lots of reasons that attract you to camping, alone or with others.


1. Reconnect with Nature

Camping is a great way to reconnect you with the nature. Being outside isn’t just about being in a new environment. It’s more about developing an appreciation for the nature the respecting the world around you.

In the morning you see the sunrise right at your feet and at dusk you see the sunset gradually move out of your sight. The wind whispers to you and the stars winkle at nights. Slowly you fall asleep in the sounds of small inserts. You will gradually appreciate the fascination of the nature.


2. Live off the Grid

You love your coffee maker and hair dryer. But ridding yourself of all those appliances, modern comforts and technology gives you a necessary escape from the daily grind of life.

When you really pull yourself into the nature for first time, you’ll definitely feel lost without it to start with. But it’s surprising how little you miss it once you get used to it. As for me, I usually take a real camera, a book, a notebook and a pen instead of the internet. That makes me feel much more relaxed.


3. Have A Health Boost

One of the best things about camping outside is the exercise you get. From the moment you set your wellies in the mud to the moment you pack everything into your car to go home, you are always moving, in a way or another. That’s not what we usually do in daily life. Besides, you get fresh air and pleasure.

There are also tons of proven health benefits of spending time in the outdoors. So what are you waiting for?


4. Get Some Headspace

What we benefits from spending out in the wild is not just physical health. Camping also provides you the perfect opportunity to clear the mind of everyday chatter, often without even knowing it.

You work hard all week, you deserve a break. Go outdoors. Get yourself some wide space. There are few better places s to find silence than at the campsite. Listen to tricking rivers, the breeze blowing through the trees or crickets chipping at nights. You will enjoy the peace and quiet.

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5. Adventure

There are many ways of adventure, or ways to define adventure. You may be busy making your living and don’t have too much time or money to travel around the world. Still you can camping or do other outdoor recreations at weekends .

You will do some pretty exciting adventures during your camping time. You will find it always interesting to sleep in a tent or hammock. You will always see different views, meet different people and try something new to you every time you camp.


6. Try Different Amazing Food

Camping gives you an excuse to cook hot dogs on sticks and burgers on the grill. It wouldn’t be proper camping without a big BBQ to finish the day. Buy basic food items. Get creative with the campfire and cook your favorite meals differently than you usually do at home. All that fresh air and energy exertion makes the food extra tasty.


7. Family Time

Camping is no doubt a great way for a family to enjoy a holiday together. We share little time with each other in workdays. Everyone’s schedule is usually busy. Sitting around the campfire talking is a good way to reconnect with family members. Good conversation is easy to push aside. This family bonding experience helps you know each other better.


8. Spend Time with Your Pets

You tend to disconnect from families and friends during busy workdays. But it’s just as easy to do so with your pets too. Your little furry friend also you’re your accompaniment.

Most campsite and hiking areas allow pet, although they may have to be leashed for safety concern. Always ask about pet rules before you go there.



9. Stargazing

The best thing about spending the night outside is that you can see the stars twinkling in darkness, no city lights. That always evolves you contemplating the universe.

Bring a blanket and a star finder. Just sit or lay there, making the most of your time under the stars.

photo by Sarah Lee


10. Learn Outdoor Skills

Camping will of course teach you how to survive in the wild. Some parents often camp with their kids for this purpose. You can also teach others all new skills that you learned, from stick whittling and campcraft, to leaning how to gut a fish or finding new ways to fend off the weather. Things that would never come out during a week’s holiday sitting on the sofa.


11. Refresh before the Work Week

It is no doubt that a dose of fresh air helps to clear your mind before next work week. If you really need to get your proposal done, take your laptop and delicate a few hours with no distractions.

Even if you can go for only one night, you will feel the effects of a night under the stars for days after.

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12. Team work

If you go camping with others, things are way easier and a lot more fun when you do them with someone else. For example, pitching a tent is obviously much easier when you have your friend to give you a hand. Cooking in the wild also requires teamwork. You’ll more or less learn some essential team building skills.


13. Create Lasting Memories

With all the action of camping, the skills you just learned, time spent with family and friends, delicious meals, physical exertion and increased headspace, all come to memories that will be remembered by all participators. Memories will be made every time you go camping and that will be your great treasure.


14. It’s Inexpensive

Ever heard the saying “the best thing of life is free”? You don’t need to pay for any tickets but still enjoy beautiful scenery you may never see before.

Camping is obvious cheaper than going to a popular theme park or tourist area. Once you have all your camping gear and purchase food, the rest of the weekend is nearly free.


15. Camping is for Everyone

Camping is catered toward everyone no matter you are a camper, outdoor survivalist or a glamper, adult or kid. Reserve a cabin fully stocked with a bathroom, washer and dryer and enjoy nature in a glamorous way, or pitch a tent at your favorite campsite and roast some marshmallows over the campfire.


So why not leave your iPad at home and turn off your phone. Just pull yourself into the campground. Decide where to camp and never miss a sunset or sunrise.

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